Progress and climate change

“Moving towards greater energy efficiency in the EU is essential for progress in tackling climate change and achieving sustainable economic growth. The European Parliament needs to work alongside the Commission and the Council in order to create and meet bold energy saving goals”.
“The EU cannot overlook the importance of effective waste management. Careless approaches to waste management can and will cause serious harm to the environment. The EU member states must unite and put an end to harmful waste. Policies need to ensure safe and effective waste management practises. That is why work on directives such as the WEEE directive is important for providing for environmental concerns of the future”.

“The current financial crisis reminds us that as a united European Union, we must fight together to push towards future economic growth, striving with specific focus towards sustainable economic growth. This will ensure future stability in the market as well as protection for the environment”

“Protection of the environment is not only an environmental issue but a global one. Environmental damages’ impacts are worldwide and Europeans must be conscious that their actions do have consequences in other countries even if efforts are made to protect our continent. The seminar I will be chairing in the European Parliament on responsible mining in November will be an opportunity to explore new and alternatives ways of mining in the EU as opposed to importing more and more raw materials which might not have been mined in an environmentally friendly way on another continent and which cost a lot of money to the EU”.




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